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Non-carrier for Fucosidosis - clear by parentage


DNA tested clear and non-carrier for PRA (cord 1)


Glaucoma eye tested - clear: Grade )


Annual Eye Test as at April 21 - clear

Hips 2:4 = 6  (Scored in Australia)

AMS Clear

DM Clear

FN Clear

PFK Clear

Sh Ch Trimere Tipping Point of Allenie 

Sired by our Owen - Sh Ch Art-waves Standing Ovation for Allenie

x Sh Ch Trimere Teresa Green

Wilf has done us proud gaining his title at just 2 years and 4 months.

He has now won 5 CC's and 3 RCC's

CC and BOB Manchester 2023

CC, BOB & Group 4 SWKA 2022

CC Blackpool 2022

CC Bournemouth 2021

CC English Springer Spaniel Club of Wales 2021

RCC LKA 2021

RCC Darlington 


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